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Sample Perpetual Annual Solar Calendar
For The Twin Cities, Minnesota But Can Be Printed And Be Accurate For Any Global Location Anywhere

Note that the dates of time change are now the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November with local variations that can be incorporated within.

Special Offers

- - MicroRotator - -
Power Gap
BiFoil™ Blades

*High Driving Force Torque
*Exceptional High Speed
*H12 Approaches Betz Power Limit
*V07 Starts Under Load In Near Calm
*Linear Deflection Aerodynamics
*Ultra Thin Blades Plus Blade Gap
*Strong Durable Light Metal Alloy
*Leading Edges Specially Formed
*Composites Ready
*Scaleability Potential
  Click for video movie Click on the above image for a video (.6 MB) of the vertical axis MicroRotator in action demonstrating its high speed in light winds and near a building. Videos of horizontal axis MicroRotators with blades similar to the H12 Power Gap BiFoil™ blade may be found on the home page.
  MicroRotator Model V07 Blade Buy these blades in whatever quantity needed for whatever projects are being contemplated. Save the effort and cost of fabricating blades of your own. Price per 24" long, 6˝" wide Power Gap BiFoil™ blade - $22.85 plus $25 shipping per order (16 blades or fewer). Quantity prices available. Check or money order, please. See Contact Information on the Home Page for the address. Allow two weeks for delivery.

MicroRotator Model H12 Blade For larger projects and greater energy, go with horizontal axis. Buy these blades in sets of three blades to be bolted to your generator hub plate. Price per set of three of the 28" long, 5" wide root, 3˝" wide tip Power Gap BiFoil™ blades - $90 plus $25 shipping per order (3 sets or fewer). Check or money order, please. See Contact Information on the Home Page for the address. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Two horizontal axis wind turbines using the BiFoil H12 blades (and one unmodified for comparison) mounted on a utility outbuilding roof and upper railing. Ten 12 volt batteries are charged for power. These blades offer a significant improvement in performance, allowing such installations.
  If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a full refund. Sales are limited to the U.S. and Canada. Exercise care in working with tools and on towers. Let's hear any stories to tell. Here are two:

RE relates that one windy day his Power Gap BiFoil™ bladed 1 kw turbine mounted on a rooftop, with a load consisting of a 120 volt household incandescent light bulb, ran so fast that it reached more than 120 volts and burned out the bulb. This meant that a rotational speed of over 2400 rpms under load was attained. The blade tip speed would have been much faster than the tip speeds of most megawatt scale large utility wind turbines. The turbine routinely provides up to 60 volts in just 10 mph winds.

TS relates that his two Power Gap BiFoil™ bladed 1 kw turbines mounted on his outbuilding rooftop (see photo above) on occasion attains 28 amperes of current into his ten 12 volt batteries in parallel. These same blades without the BiFoil™ feature have produced only 3 - 4 amperes under the same conditions. As a 48 volt system instead of 12 volt, the power produced would be several times greater.

These two examples were selected to demonstrate both the high voltages on the one hand and the high electrical currents on the other that these blades are capable of producing. Safe electrical practices are certainly called for. In addition, mountings on building rooftops are hardly the place to find turbines providing such exceptional performances as these.

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